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A lower back massage concentrates on a range of muscles. It includes the quadratus lumborum, latissimus dorsi, and the erector spinae, situated around the lower half of the spine. Soreness in the lower back can be caused due to many different reasons. The main reason for lower back pain includes muscle stiffness. A lower back massage helps warm up muscles and boost blood and lymphatic circulation, encouraging more healthy nutrients to be passed all over the body and more toxin to be separated. A lower back massage uses a variety of dissimilar techniques to help treat a variety of injuries. The massage therapists at outcall massage services in London UK use lower back massage to help decrease tension, pain and tension of the muscles.

It can be supportive for those who endure muscle tension, those who work on the laptop all day, those who drive all day, or for anybody who has chronic back pain problems. Back massage methods help boost circulation to the low back and send much-needed oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and other organs, which assists them to heal. It can also unwind the nerves in the upper body, generating calmness in the intestinal organs, lessening pain, and then possibly the removal of waste from our bodies.
Other benefits of regular lower back massage:
•    Relieves stress in muscles that are over utilized every day either by sitting at a desk or in a car all day or by other rhythmic motions
•    Provides deeper, better quality of sleep
•    Produces endorphins and other chemicals that make your body feel much better in a natural way. 
•    Encourages curing of feeble or injured muscles, particularly for those with scar tissue, fresh surgery, or sports injuries
•    Increases blood flow, which brings essential nutrients and oxygen to muscles and organs
•    Helps alleviate lower back pain in the period of pregnancy (with pregnancy massage) and eases labour
•    Usual massage can help handle stress, which is often associated to disease

Today many people are suffering from lower back pain due to sedentary lifestyle, injury, disc herniation, pregnancy, and kidney issues. Compression or strong pressure on nerves in the low back can be particularly painful. There can be many more reasons. 
There are the best mobile massage therapies in London, UK for other problems too. Adhere to all the norms of the pandemic before booking. 

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